RSV boy – capable of coughing a lot in a single bound

Duke discharged us around 4:30 on Tuesday. They left it up to us and said we could stay another night, but their preference was to get him away from all the other hospital germs. I hadn’t slept in two days so I decided discharge was better. I quizzed the doctor and nurse on every single detail I could think of, so that I would know if he needed to go back. They absolutely did not want to give me a nebulizer. They insisted it wasn’t helping. The doctor actually stopped the resp therapist from giving him another treatment because albuterol doesn’t help bronchiolitis. I was fairly sure it was helping, but what did I know?

I scheduled a ped appt for the next day. We made it through the night with him on me in the recliner. I saw a doctor I hadn’t seen before and liked him. He said “you are not leaving here without a rx for a nebulizer.”  His point was that it may not change the duration or overall severity, but if it made him more comfortable then it was worth it. I wanted to hug him. He also said that rowan had developed an ear infection in the last day. And RSV was confirmed. It’s a tough time to be Rowan. The doctor did say he was likely at or past the peak. It’s just that it’s a really long peak.

He is still pretty sick today, but the nebulizer is absolutely helping. He isn’t a fan of it, though. Earlier he spent 20 minutes having coughing fits every couple of minutes (see video below) to the point that I was getting nervous. Steamy bathroom helped some, but not enough. I gave him a nebulizer treatment and he relaxed and fell asleep. Now he is awake and calm and trying to steal the tissues from my nose.

Why do I have tissues in my nose?  Because he has spent the last four days coughing in my face, so now I have it. Luckily RSV is generally just a regular cold in older kids and adults. But that’s so not what I want to deal with. I went ahead and took tomorrow off work. I only had six hours of sick time, and have only worked seven hours this week. The math is not pretty.

And I think he just poopsoded on me. Poor dude. Poor me.